Hotel Hermitting in Ashville, North Carolina (+some Go Pro footage)

Before setting off from Winston-Salem yesterday, my godmother cousin Clare had booked me in for a very welcomed massage which I enjoyed immensely! The ride from Winston-Salem to Ashville was enjoyable but fairly uneventful save for riding through what I believe was the hazy smoke of a forest fire of some sort(You can sort of see it in the viaduct go pro video below). The smoke seemed to hug the mountain road and everything smelt like a fireplace. It only last about 5 miles before it cleared up again but was a bit surreal to ride through.

The plan today was to shoot off early this morning early to finish off the Blue Ridge Parkway to Cherokee before hitting the Cherohola Skyway and/or the Tail of the Dragon as it's so ominously called:


A quick draw of the curtains ended that plan fairly lively confirming rain for the rest of the day. After mulling over my options whilst grabbing the hotels' free hot brekkie buffet, I decided against riding today and to stay another night in Ashville. 

Not only is rain riding zero craic at all but it would turn these fun, twisty roads lethal and I'd rather not fall victim to this dragon. Today would be another chill day where I will undoubtedly arse about my room unpacking and repacking my gear trying to establish the perfect load equilibrium(I can never find it). I may try get stuck back into the iconic 'Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance' which I haven't picked up in months(Really I want to just finish it and ditch it as it's extra weight I don't need :) )

Nothing much else to report other than I managed to upload some go pro footage which you can check out below. (Mum and Dad, I know it looks like I'm going really fast but the footage is deceiving :p)

Crossed this cool viaduct with some great views down into the valley of Ashville. Flipped on the Go Pro to try test it out:

Captured using GoPro Hero 4 and Side Helmet mount. Crossed a cool viaduct on the Blue Ridge Parkway on March 18th 2015.

Riding through tunnels are fun:

Go Pro Footage riding through a small tunnel on the Blue Ridge Parkway

Below was first time using the Go Pro, bit long running but captures me gearing up and doing my little jump to get onto the seat. Weather was nicer on March 17th when I took this compared to two above.