Baltimore, Maryland to Waynesboro, Virginia via Skyline Drive(210miles)

It seems every day so far has started with a mishap. Sunday was no different. As I was leaving Baltimore, being pummelled by crosswinds, I felt something hit my leg only to look down and realize my phone had slid out of the tank bag holder and bounced along the highway. I was able to pull into the hard shoulder and run back to find the phone is miraculously unscathed and somehow not run over by a car. Brendan-1 The Road-2.

I was excited about today as I'd finally be getting off the highway and onto some scenic drives. The destination was Front Royal, Virginia where the Skyline Drive started. 109miles of elevated, exhilarating twisty mountain roads which runs through the Shenandoah National Park. It was by far the most enjoyable day of riding I've had yet. I knew it'd be a slog to get here but today alone made it worth it. Really felt like I was on a journey today.

Captured some epic, sweeping shots with my trusty Nikon D3300 DSLR. The ride wasn't without fauna; saw a couple of fawns scatter into the woods and a suicidal squirrel tempt fate. He couldn't decide which way to go when he saw me coming so frantically changed direction 3 times before scuttling off.

Today was the longest day of riding so far clocking in ~210miles. I was pretty wrecked when I pulled off into Waynesboro, Virginia. There's something about just pulling into a town with no reservation after a long day on the saddle. The end game today was to hit up a random motel, preferably in bumf*ck nowhere to get as full a cultural experience as possible and boy did this place fit the bill. It seems everyone in this part of Virginia drives a pick-up truck and has a muffin top spilling out over their waistband. I actually saw a middle-aged man wearing dungarees. Living in New York shelters you from so much of rural United States' problems and stereotypes and but there was no hiding it here, I was right in the thick of it. It was an eye-opener and I loved how these observations were unfolding before me as I rolled into each new state. "What next?!" I wondered, "Some hick proudly flying the confederate flag off his pick-up truck?"....oh wait no, that already happened.