A Delayed Departure

All systems are a go! After a bit of a scare from some far from ideal MRI results I got last Thursday, I have now got the all clear from the neurologist after a second set of follow-up MRIs. It threatened to jeopardize the trip so naturally I was over the moon to get the all clear. On Tuesday I rode the bike down from my relatives in Norfolk, CT to Hoboken, NJ. It was about a 130 mile trip which started very pleasantly in the rolling mountain roads of North West Connecticut and upstate New York. However, it quickly went to shit when I rode into rain coming into Westchester county. The splash-back from the wet roads were a nightmare. If it wasn’t for the visor I’d have been unable to see and would have had all sorts of muck and shite in my face. Even still I was constantly wiping the rain from my visor to see properly.

This was my first time (and probably not last time) riding in the rain so it was good at least to experience what it would be like and how the bike and gear would perform. The Wolfman luggage held up incredibly well. Splattered with muck and water but kept everything bone-dry inside. I was worried about the tank-bag as it was water-resistant as oppose to waterproof and it contained all my electronics(DSLR, tablet, Chromebook, GoPro accessories, all important vehicle documents and my passport!). I had the docs and Chromebook in ziploc bags just in case however the bag seemed to hold up fine!

The jacket, pants and boots did a great job at keeping the water out despite getting filthy and that worn in look which I was not against at all. Unfortunately I found out the hard way that my gloves are not waterproof. No issues handling the throttle/clutch however my hands were noticeably colder because of the wet and windchill. Thinking a pair of nitrile gloves underneath may be a quick fix the next time I run into a shower.

Yesterday was officially D-day and wasn't without it's drama. I'll do the story justice by giving it a separate post.